Information Security Policy

Silverskills is an ISO 27001 certified organization by British Standards Institution (BSI) since 2004, which is a testimony of company’s commitment to abidingly secure the information assets while providing best-in-class service delivery to its clients globally.

It is the policy of Silverskills Pvt. Ltd. (Silverskills):

  • To preserve Confidentiality that is to protect Information Assets against unauthorized disclosure.
  • To maintain Integrity that is to protect Information Assets from unauthorized or accidental modification ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information assets.
  • To ensure Availability that is to ensure that Information Assets are available as and when required adhering to the organization’s business objectives. Availability also includes protecting from destruction that is, ensuring to the maximum extent possible that Information Assets are available upon extreme disasters through appropriate Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans, wherever agreed to
  • To protect Privacy that is to ensure that any private information collected is secured, and securely discarded after its use.

The responsibility of information security applies both within and outside the organization including our suppliers and business partners.

Whether you are a business partner or supplier, we expect you to apply reasonable security controls in your area of operation as well

If you have questions or clarifications on how we secure your information when doing business with you, please do write to us at