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Commercial mortgage case study I

This case study clearly illustrates how a mortgage company made the decision to outsource their business processes to Silverskills and the benefits...more


Silverskills’ domain expertise in financial & claims processing services coupled with an unrelenting focus on client satisfaction...more

Commercial mortgage case study II

Client: A fully diversified commercial real estate outsourcing firm that provides the integrated services to corporate, institutional and individual clients


  • Market analyses - conduct in-depth market analyses to fully understand the influences on current markets and future property values.
  • Lease abstracting - review the key elements of tenant leases and develop abstracts tailored to clients’ needs, to ensure accurate cash flow modeling and precise identification of risk factors for property owners and lenders.
  • Financial modeling - produce accurate and meaningful cash flow projections using industry-standard financial modeling software, such as ARGUS® & DYNA®.
  • Third party reviews - review appraisal, environmental, and engineering reports to ensure compliance and to examine all potential property-specific issues.
  • Underwriting support - assist clients in structuring transactions and provide in-depth understanding of real estate markets, property-related issues and potential mitigants
  • Operating statement analysis report (OSAR) - classification and analysis of borrower financial statements for loans from various capital sources


  • Adaptive scale for meeting business exigencies proactively
  • Turnaround time reduced by over 60% resulting in better service and faster revenue realizations
  • Substantial improvement in process accuracies & innovations
  • Substantial cost savings – over 35%
  • Improved productivity by reengineering process and work flow resulting in significant reduction in client’s costs