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Finance and Accounting

The F&A landscape reflects the global economy that is slowly recovering from one of the worst recessions experienced in the last 50 years. Many organizations are adopting a “wait and see” approach before fully committing to an aggressive growth strategy for their existing F&A structure. Successful organizations know that the demand potential is still very significant and recognize Silverskills’s continued contributions in this space. Historically, F&A outsourcing has not been a technology intensive service. Silverskills has been at the forefront of leveraging technology to streamline F&A processes for many successful global organizations.

Traditionally, outsourcing certain F&A processes has been viewed with apprehension, however many firms are increasingly benefiting from outsourcing more value-based and strategic activities in the management reporting and analytics area. The focus has been more on adhering to processes, backed by a strong manual work component. Silverskills has led the transformation in incorporating and implementing time saving technology that provides a substantial ROI for clients. Silverskills also recognizes that clients are moving towards higher expectations and demands for services. These changing trends will offer many new opportunities in 2011 and beyond.