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Relocation Support Services

According to industry association of relocation services (Worldwide ERC), companies are moving their employees to vastly different locations as they take advantage of international labor rates and global expansion opportunities. The process of moving employees has never been more challenges and subject to financial constraints. According to a 2010 survey of 196 human resource practitioners companies are seeing a new set of relocation challenges that require advanced third party management to meet internal process and audit requirements.

· First, there is a strong trend toward assignees who are young and single. This employee profile creates a need for supporting a home office environment and ensuring connectivity to the office.

· Second, more companies are going local with their assignment approaches. In increasing numbers, employees who take jobs in other parts of the world may be doing so with the understanding that the jobs will be permanent and will have compensation and benefit scales that are more reflective of the new location than their home base.

· Finally, multinational companies are moving assignees to many more countries; including emerging market locations such as Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam. Although many of these new destinations are unprepared to accommodate employees companies are willing to head in whatever unique directions are necessary to take advantage of opportunities for global expansion.

Silverskills understands the complex and changing relocation business and provides the required support to meet the challenges corporates face.