Silverskills is the leading provider of data entry and control software for TPAs. Since 2001 Silverskills has set the industry standard for claims data entry, savings TPAs in cost while increasing quality standards to near perfect. Today’s healthcare market calls for more than off-the-shelf quick fixes; it is implementing solutions that offer the ability to raise the quality bar and improve operational efficiency.

At Silverskills we are delivering the next generation data management solutions for TPAs. Our data entry and control platform integrate into TPA existing claims management software and allow data entry operators to key data into a streamlined screen, shortening the time spent per claim. Our solution will reduce data entry time by 50-75 percent and enhance quality control by more than 75-90 percent.

Silverskills goes beyond its software and also offers an integrated data entry and management service that can supplement and work in tandem with existing resources. We call this our claims data entry and management solution (SDEMS). When Silverskills deploys its integrated solution and experienced staff the outcome is significant cost reduction and increased quality control standards.


Silverskills has set the standard for data management for TPAs and continues to be a driving force for its clients. Silverskills has the experience required by TPAs and meets all health data management requirements.

      • Processed over 72 Million claims to date
      • Extensive processing training and experience on claims of $1,000
      • Maximize client retention by eliminating backlog from 30 days to 1 day
      • Reduced claims turnaround time from 15 days to 15 hours and increased quality to 99%.
      • Deliver a one-stop solution for all healthcare processing.
      • Adjudicated approximately 2 million US healthcare claims to date.
      • Approximately $2.7 Billion in claims disbursed to date

Solution and Services

Silverskills provides the technology and services to help TPAs improve data entry and control. Our years of experience have helped us develop a robust data entry software that can be implemented and operated in-house or outsourced to a third party data entry service.

Our solution can be used to manage end-to-end processing for HCFA, UB 92, COBRA, Dental, Vision, and FSA claims for TPAs in the US markets.

Approach and Experience

Our clients are TPAs who give highly individualized and personalized service to their clients. For them, responsiveness, accuracy, and cost is critical. Silverskills has developed a solution capable of providing best-in-class data entry software that can coupled with a robust data entry service.

Our clients demand innovation that is backed by tailored solutions that can help manage internal operational costs. Silverskills is helping its clients reduce the costs of claims processing by providing a two stage solution: Data Entry and Control Technology with or without the integrated data management service.


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