Relocation Support Services


Even as employers face greater globalization of their businesses, the relocation market is meeting their needs with more robust solutions and a greater geographic reach. While cost reduction is a major driving force behind outsourcing, don’t underestimate the importance of service quality.

One of the most costly services HR manages is the relocation of employees. For many organizations, cutting costs has become a mandate when outsourcing relocation services.

As a result, employers and their relocation service providers are turning to some innovative ways to hold costs down, including one-way assignments, telecommuting, and giving employees more input into how relocation dollars are spent, usually in the form of a lump-sum stipend. Providers are helping by coordinating logistics and keeping moves on schedule, which help avoid unnecessary costs.


Silverskills’ has expertise in cost management and expense processing. Our accounting delivery teams can handle over 200 different client policies while reconciling expense statements of transferees. This service is especially beneficial to relocation and real estate service providers who handle multiple client policies and need to comply with various guidelines while continuously delivering the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

  • Silverskills effectuates direct disbursements of over $1 billion annually on behalf of clients
  • Accounting delivery team manages over 200 different client policies while reconciling expense statements of transferees


Service Offering

Silverskills services the relation market place through the following service offerings:

  • Expense Tracking and Policy Analysis
  • Expense Management
  • Management Reporting

Approach and Experience

Silverskills has developed a track record of success and has risen as an industry leader by focusing on achieving and maintaining excellence in four main pillars – its people, its processes, its technology, and its knowledge.

Silverskills has the capabilities to leverage their experience, resources, and technology to offer both global 2000 as well as mid-market companies the highest degree of operational efficiency and cost reduction. Silverskills’ human resources are among its most valuable. The management team holds a wealth of experience in BPO operations. When Silverskills developed this niche service, there were no parallels in the markets that could be a learning guide. An in-depth study of the US relocation services market and a hands-on approach has helped Silverskills create a service offering unrivalled by any in the marketplace. Today, Silverskills handles over 35,000 relocation cases annually, each worth an average of $30,000.

Customer Experience

Clients of Silverskills experience custom tailored service offerings that allow them the ability to enhance productivity, decrease operational expenses, and increase operational efficiency through a dedication to excellence with its people, processes, technology, and experience. The return on investment is clear. Reduced turnaround times, decreased transaction times, and overall increases in efficiency drive the value proposition of Silverskills. Perhaps one of the greatest metrics in determining the viability of a vendor is their customer retention rate. The vast majority of Silverskills clients are classified as repeat business, with several clients maintaining contracts since the commencement of operation.