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Commercial mortgage case study I

This case study clearly illustrates how a mortgage company made the decision to outsource their business processes to Silverskills and the benefits...more


Silverskills’ domain expertise in financial & claims processing services coupled with an unrelenting focus on client satisfaction...more


Silverskills approaches its clients with the belief that Vested Outsourcing agreements are a best practice that increases the likelihood of success between the provider and the customer. A Vested Outsourcing partnership focuses on identifying desired outcomes and then aligns the interests of all players so that all benefit if the desired outcomes are reached. The relationship becomes more collaborative and expands beyond simply meeting the requirements of the original outsourcing agreement.

Silverskills uses Three Rules when engaging with a client to help drive value and unlocked partner value:

1. Agree on clearly defined and measurable outcomes
2. Optimize pricing model incentives for cost/service trade-offs
3. Implement governance structure that provides insight

Silverskills’ solutions and services are designed to deliver enhanced productivity with more efficient turnaround times and reduced costs while ensuring the highest standards in quality and data security. Silverskills’ distinguishes itself from generic outsourcing providers by offering the entire spectrum of back-office solutions starting from claims processing to high-end analytics and knowledge management services. Silverskills is focused on creating Vested Outsourcing solutions that bring value to its customers.